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THE COLLECTION D’ Topeng has the future vision and mission to be continuous by commited in keeping and conserving Indonesian cultural objects as well as cotributing for the conservation and maintenance of this historical objects, which are getting harder to find. For the total of 18 galleries, the museum provide an extensive collection of Indonesias

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It all began with the great love for works of art, especially for the inheritance of ancient Indonesian cultural objects, the owner of D’ Topeng Kingdom managed to collect more than 2000 pieces masks from all parts of Indonesian’s Islands. And even up to the present, he is still hunting and collecting them. These masks

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Topeng is an Indonesian form of dance drama in which one or more dancers wear masks and perform ancient stories, often concerning ancient or mythical kings and heroes. It has its origins in the 17th century. Topeng dances are most prevalent in Bali and Java but are also found in other Indonesian islands such as

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Mengintip Topeng Kematian di D’Topeng Kingdom Museum

koleksi di d’topeng kingdom dtopengkingdommuseum Tak selamanya berkunjung ke museum itu membosankan. Saat ini sudah banyak museum yang dikemas secara unik dan beda sehingga mampu menarik wisatawan. Salah satunya yaitu Museum d’Topeng Kingdom di Malang. Museum d’Topeng Kingdom berada di kawasan Museum Angkut, yakni di Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No. 2 Batu, Malang. Museum yang

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Koleksi Karya Seni dan Budaya

Ribuan koleksi karya seni dan budaya dari penjuru nusantara kini bisa Ngalamers nikmati ketika berkunjung ke Museum Angkut. Tepatnya di D’Topeng Kingdom (Indonesian Heritage Art Museum) yang bertempat di area Pasar Apung kawasan Museum Angkut, Kota Batu. Dibuka mulai 23 Mei 2014 lalu, D’Topeng Kingdom menyajikan banyak benda dari masa pra-sejarah hingga Majapahit. Ada topeng

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Wayang Kulit

Or Purwo wayang kulit. Purwo word (first) is used to distinguish this type of puppet shadow play another. Purwo means the beginning, puppet purwo estimated to have ages of the oldest among other leather puppets Puppet purwo usually uses the story of Ramayana arid Mahabharata. Purwo shadow puppets made of buffalo leather inlaid, given the

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Wayang Golek

Wayang golek are wooden doll puppets that are operated from below by rods camected to the hands and a central control rod that runs through the body to the head. The simple constructcn of the puppets bel.es their versatility. expressiveness and aptitude for mitating human dance. Lttle is lino-ter fa^ c: °t: about the history

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Islami Remnant

A 400 years old an Arabic inscription is written in decorative. linear Kufic script. Written by one of 9 saints of Indonesia (wali Songo) The script is more important as a decorative element than for the message if carries. The inscriptions on most such bowls are proverbs, good wishes, or maxims rather than religious sayings

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Wayang Kulit is very old art form dating back over 1000 years.Typicaly the plays will start about 9 at night and las trough unit early in the morning (about 4 or 5 0’clock).For a given performace, a dalang will sit in a center stage (usually elevated now) in front of a white cloth.  

Handycraft Centre

One of the facilities that the museum has is a handicraft centre that filled with various items of merchandise.You can find almost anything here, from a simple t-shirt with topeng ornament printed to a one of a kind hand made batik. The handicraft centre provide merchandises for all ages.