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Group Booking

Group Booking

Welcome to the D’Topeng Kingdom Museum!

Prior booking is required for all group visits with more than 20 people. For booking of group/corporate/school visits with more than 30 participants, please email to guest.dtopengkingdom@gmail.com


(I) Arriving by Chartered Buses

For bus drop-off, you may inform the bus driver to alight the group at the museum’s bus bay. Please note that buses only allowed to park in the bus parking area.

(II) Purchase and collection of admission tickets

- When you arrive at the museum, please proceed to the Visitor Services Counter or contact mobile phone +6282 4446 8002 or +62812 3012 030, our Guest Relation Officer will help you to purchase your tickets, handling the group’s participants without queue in the line at entrance. Do also print out a copy of the email confirmation to make it quick and easy.

- You are strongly advised to adhere to your allocated timing/time slot. Should you arrive late, priority will be given to other groups and your group may be subject to waiting ticket corner time. (so please advise us approx arrival time by text short messages or calling us at above number).

- For late comers, please inform the Visitor Services Counter at Guest Relation Officer +6282 4446 8002 at least one hour before the scheduled time of visit.

(III) Making Payment

Please proceed to the Visitor Services Counter Entrance to make payment of your admission before your visit. The following mode of payment is accepted:

Admission fees : Cash/ Visa/ MasterCard/ Debit

Guiding fees : Free of charge


Before visiting the museum, it is important to understand the etiquette to adopt and guidelines to follow. This is to ensure your experience in the museum will be an enjoyable and fruitful one.

In the galleries / museum

Do not eat and drink in the galleries. Food crumbs and drink spillage will attract ants and other insects. This will cause irreparable harm to the artifacts. Likewise, moisture causes certain materials to deteriorate.

(I) Keep the galleries museum free of litter

Litter of any sort poses a danger to yourself and other visitors. Do be considerate to all.

(II) Talk softly and walk quietly in all galleries.

Rowdy play may result in damage to the artifacts. More importantly, it may cause injury to oneself and other visitors. Loud conversations disturb the peace and quiet, and enjoyment of other visitors.

(III) Look and carefully examine the objects.

Touch the objects that are allowed so by the signs. Most objects are rare aretfacts that need to be in showcases. If they are constantly touched, damage may becaused. These objects are irreplaceable.

(IV) Photography and video

- Video filming is not allowed.

- Take photographs without flash.

Flash from cameras damage sensitive materials like paper and textile. Their life span will also be greatly shortened. This is also why certain areas in the galleries are dimly lit. Please check with our amicable museum personnel if you are unsure.