Free Guided Tour With Story Teller

Guide Tour

For groups of eight or more, a fully trained guide will accompany museum visitors on their tour. These guides will offer more detailed information on the exhibits and will endeavor to answer any question arising from the visit. For school groups, every effort will be made to ensure a fully qualified teacher addresses the students. The duration of a guided group tour will vary between 60 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the group’s requirements. Some group may only request a standalone tour which will take approximately 60 minutes plus a question and answer session in theatrette. Other groups may be interested in a tour, including a question and answer session (90 minutes) plus an art and craft workshop (allow an additional 30-45 minutes).

Self-guided Tours

Visitors who wish to explore the D’Topeng Kingdom Museum independently can access detailed information and extra content related to the displays and exhibits through the D’Topeng Kingdom Museum Visitors Guide iOS mobile app which guides visitors through the various galleries. Exhibits that are featured in the app will have a number/icon displayed beside them which will provide visitors with access to further information through a variety of mediums including audio, images, videos and website.

Audio Guide (On Project)

The expert commentary on highlight objects from the Museum is available in Indonesian, English, Mandarin (Chinese language). This facility could be applied from Google Playstore (WiFi Zone Provided) at each guest’s personal android mobile phone. Please kindly contact our Guest Relation Officer at the Entrance Door.

Note: each guest needs cable earphone headset and Google Playstore application at each Android mobile phone.