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Planning & Booking Information

Planning & Booking Information

How should I plan a visit to the Museum?

Make a preparatory visit first and foremost. This will allow you to plan the necessary logistic and be familiar with our location, galleries and facilities. We are always happy to recommend workshops and tours that are appropriate for students, so do contact us for more information. We also provide help for students with special needs. Parking for mini buses that transport students with mobility challenges is available. To assist you in the best way, please provide us also your vehicle model, number, and the date for your visit.

Do I need to book a visit to the Museum?

Yes, appointments are necessary for group visits of more than 20 students. It is recommended that you enquire at least one school term ahead of the date of your intended visit. Our Indonesian History and Living Galleries are very popular for students and we do not want to withhold the best presentation. Make your transport arrangements only after your visit has been confirmed.

Booking of School Programs

To book a program, please complete the booking form and fax, email it to us. Bookings received via emails and fax will be dated and processed in order of receipt. Please note that bookings cannot be made via phone.

For confirmed bookings, your school will receive a confirmation letter from us, with information about your visit/program. If you do not receive a confirmation within 2 weeks of booking, please contact us immediately. The confirmation letter must be brought along for the visit or program.

For the case that the number of student and accompanying adults is more than the maximum capacity indicated on the confirmation letter, a surcharge will be levied. For more information, please refer to our booking Terms and Conditions.

Please download the booking form here.

How do I pay?

The museum will send your school an invoice upon completion of the program you have sign up for. Cheques should be made payable to National Heritage Board.

Please note that no receipt will be issued.

What if I cancel my visit / program?

Unfortunately, fees will not be refunded if you cancel less than 14 days before the commencement of the program.

Should the Museum initiate cancellation of booking due to unforeseen circumstances, we shall endeavor to inform the school at least 14 day before the program commencement and refund the fees in full. However, we will not bear responsibility for travel expenses or any costs which the school/client might have.


For booking of regular and school programs or school visits, please contact :

Email : guest.dtopengkingdom@gmail.com

Telephone : +62 821 4446 8002

Facsimile : +62 31 596 3607

Emergency and Lost & Found :

For emergencies and lost & found, please contact any of our staff at the Visitor Services Counter at the Entrance Gate or Contact +62 821 4446 8002

Terms & Conditions For School Bookings

Waiver of Liability

Students must be accompanied by teachers at all times (recommended ratio of 2 teachers to 40 students), during the entire duration of the program/workshop. The D’Topeng Kingdom Museum shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any loss, injury, mishap (including personal injury) of any students and or teachers.

Cancellation / No-show

1. Fees will not be refunded for any school booking cancelled less than 14 days before the commencement of the program. Especially for workshop tour the full fees for the program will be charged to the school/client.

2. In the case of a No-Show for the school/client on the actual day, the full fees for the program will be charged to the school/client. A No-Show applies when the client is late for more than 30 minutes without notification, a workshop is automatically cancelled after 30 minutes and full fees will be charged to the school/client.

3. Should the Museum initiate cancellation of booking due to unforeseen circumstances, we shall endeavour to inform the school at least 14 days prior to program commencement and fully refund the fees. However we will not bear responsibility for travel expenses or any cost which the school/client might has spend.


1. Each booking we receive, will be allowed for 2 rescheduling requests, implied that both requests for rescheduling of the program time and date, is received more than 14 days before the commencement of the program..

2. Every following (after the second) re-scheduling request will be charged at 50% of program cost per request.

3. No rescheduling will be allowed for any group booking within 7 days before the commencement of the program.


1. Should schools/clients be late for the program, the program will be modified and components of the program may be skipped to ensure that the program finishes at the timing(s) stated in the confirmation form.

2. No extension of time will be allowed to compensate for a late start time (Except already inform first 3 hours before the event starts).

3. Should the Museum start the program late due to unforeseen circumstances, the program will be given completely.

Class Size

1. The programs are designed for a maximum number of students to optimize learning and ensure that each student receives adequate attention from the program facilitator(s). The maximum capacity for each program is limited by different details of the program.

2. If the number of students exceeds this capacity, there will be a 100% surcharge to be payed by the school/client. (Except there are any other discussions before).

Teacher’s Role

For craft-based/performance-based program, it is recommended that teachers/parent volunteers assist in the facilitation of the craft activity/performance.