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Wayang Golek

Wayang Golek

Wayang golek are wooden doll puppets that are operated from below by rods camected to the hands and a central control rod that runs through the body to the head. The simple constructcn of the puppets bel.es their versatility. expressiveness and aptitude for mitating human dance. Lttle is lino-ter fa^ c: ┬░t: about the history of wayang golek. but scholars have speculated that FL most likely originated n China and arrived in Java aontetime in the 17th century Some of the oldest traditions of wnynng rink are from the north cruez of Java in whet in mind the pander region This is borne to some of the oldest Muslin kingdoms in Java and Lis likeiy the wayang golek grew n populanty through telling the wayang mentik stones of Amin Hamra, the uncle of Whammed
These stones are still widely performed on Kaburnen legal. and Jepara as wayang golek menak. and tn Cirebon wayang golek cepak Legendary long ns of wayang golek attribute that invention to the Withal saint Wat Sunan Kucebts. who used the medium to proselltee Muslim valuers. h the 18th century the tradition mewed into the moJntains of Weil Java where it eventually was used to tel Manes of the Ram:wens and the hilahabanitn in a tradition now called wowing got.* puma. which can be found in Bandung. Bogor and Jakarta Waring wick purwa has become the most popular form of %striven┬░ peak today and the meet inntuuu puppt family at the Sunarya family Mich hes produced several generators of stellar performers.

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