The Museum

The Museum

A. D’Topeng Kingdom Museum has brought to Batu City, East Java for the first time in one place a new kind of Heritage Art Museum with a truly enormous collections from around many of Indonesian’s island.

B. D’Topeng Kingdom is an Heritage Art Museum that showcases in well appointed, brightly lit galleries, shelves, racks, cabinets and glasses cases which the visitors can see thousands a huge collections of Indonesian cultural heritage objects such : a textiles, batiks, ceramics, stone statues, carvings, paintings, puppets, daggers, even traditional weapons and item range from utensils for everyday use, made from wood, brass, bronze, horn, ivory, silver, jade, and many others. This place was opened with a misson and highly commitment to keep and preserve our Indonesian culture.

C. Once we stepped inside, we would like the peoples to feel, as if they are inside an ethnic atmosphere, and rejuvenate their inspirations through the windows of Indonesia with their various artworks. And spread to the world that Indonesia is indeed ultimate in diversity, all are show displayed in our 16 galleries. Each culture has its own identity in this graceful country.

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